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Kelly & Trisha Lawrence
Kelly & Trisha Lawrence

Kelly       Trisha

Kelly and Trisha Lawrence are full-time missionaries with BMDMI and directors of the Good Shepherd Children’s Home (GSCH) in Honduras.

Originally from Kentucky, Kelly & Trisha have been married since 1983, have 2 children, and 2 grandchildren.

Kelly and Trisha are living, working, and helping to raise over 100 children at the GSCH in Honduras. They work together as a team with other missionaries and staff to ensure that the children live, learn, and grow in Christ. A vital aspect of their ministry is being good stewards of God’s money and helping maintain the facilities, grounds, and other supplies in a way that is pleasing to God. Before doing anything, the Lawrence’s and the staff always ask three questions before proceeding with any task or idea.

Will this glorify God?
Will this benefit the child?
Is this within the parameters of the laws and regulations of Honduras and BMDMI?

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