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Baptist Hospital
8 Honduras Hospital
Team(s) will travel in 2016
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Nicaragua in 2017 = 0

Bible Institutes

2015 - Honduras    PASTORS CONFERENCE

From the beginning, BMDMI recognized the need to provide national pastors and church leaders with quality theological education and practical church leadership experience. BMDMI operates two Bible Institutes:

Dwight Carr Bible Institute in Nicaragua
Thomas Herrington Bible Institute in Honduras

These Institutes challenge men and women to grow in their knowledge of Christ and church development. Students are strengthened in Bible teachings, theological doctrines, church history and administration, as well as evangelism methods for leading others to Christ.

In addition to the formal education that the Bible Institutes provide, BMDMI offers adult vocational training and support that allow students to earn additional income that will improve their economic standing and ultimately support their local church.

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