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2 Teams On The Mission Field - May 23, 2019

HONDURAS -- Remote Location Ministry

May 23 is Day 3 of 8 day trip for this mission team.
Calvary Mission Team   Contact this Team
TRIP DATES: Tue May 21 through Tue May 28, 2019
BMDMI Medical Team
Teams use the Zamorano Mission Home as their home base when entering and leaving Honduras. These teams normally do ministry in villages throughout the country. The team will typically stay in their ministry village for 5 days of an 8-day trip. There are two travel days and one shopping day accounting for the 8 day trip. While in their assigned village, most teams provide the following services/ministries: * Medical and Dental clinics * Pharmacy * Adult Evangelism * Children's Church * Team Kitchen * Construction (optional) * Eyeglass clinic (optional) * Veterinary clinic (optional) * Clothing Distribution Ministry (optional) * General Team Support

HONDURAS -- BMDMI hospital in Guaimaca to the surrounding communities.

May 23 is Day 7 of 8 day trip for this mission team.
Sabine 1/Benjie Colvin   Contact this Team
TRIP DATES: Fri May 17 through Fri May 24, 2019
Hospital Surgery Team

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