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Bob & Tessa Yeater

Career Missionaries

Youth Discipleship/Feeding Program

Bob & Tessa Yeater and their three children, have been missionaries since 2005. Following language school they moved to Merida, Mexico where the spent 5 years planting La Iglesia Bautista de la Comunidad. With their work nearing completion and after much prayer they felt the Lord calling them to reach the poor and underprivileged of Guatemala. In January of 2014 they transitioned to Guatemala. In the last year and a half they have started a discipleship academy called 'Los Seguidores' for young children in the inner city of Guatemala City. In addition to this ministry, God has opened a door for them to oversee a rural feeding center in the village of Yalu, Guatemala. They were approved by the BMDMI Board on 9/21/2015.


Bob & Tessa Yeater

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