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In September, 2009, the Boards of BMDMI and WBM voted to merge the ministries of WBM into those of BMDMI. Through this merger, BMDMI has been blessed with a hospital and associated ministries located in Guaimaca, Honduras. Short term surgery, medical, dental, pharmacy, evangelistic, children's teams, and many more make trips to Guaimaca to minister to the poor and needy at the hospital and in its surrounding mountains.

Guaimaca, Honduras is located northeast of Tegucigalpa, the capital city of Honduras. The rural town of Guaimaca has a population of around 25,000, with another 300,000 living in the surrounding mountains. Along with an outpatient clinic which treats patients and emergencies 24/7, more than 150 babies were born at Hospital Bautista in 2008. Life changing surgeries that are considered routine in the US are performed at the hospital by short term medical volunteers such as general urological and gynecological surgeries, common intra-abdominal surgeries, skin surgeries, orthopedics, and more.

Associated ministries of the hospital in Guaimaca include a thriving church that serves as the hub to many outlying mountain village churches, a feeding program that provides food and basic health classes to extremely needy families, a water ministry that provides safe water from the hospital to 66 surrounding houses in the community as well as to many people who stand in line each day at the hospital to fill up containers for use in their homes, and mountain medicals, in which teams travel to the mountains to minister to people who live in remote locations.

We are so excited about the opportunities that lie ahead for the continued development of the hospital and other ministries in Guaimaca!

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