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Ministry to Children

Ministry to Children

Many of the children of Honduras, Nicaragua, and South Asia live in terrible conditions – powerless to change their situation on their own. BMDMI works to create opportunities for these children to have hope in a brighter future through the following ministries:

Good Shepherd Children’s Home in Honduras

Founded in 1997 by BMDMI Missionaries Greg and Eva Vaughn, the Good Shepherd Children’s Home is located in Zamorano, Honduras. The GSCH serves as a full-time ministry to the abused and abandoned children of Honduras. Currently, more than 100 children reside at the Children’s Home where they receive the basic necessities of life – food, clothing, shelter, education, and lots of love!

Mission Opportunities at the GSCH:

From serving on a short-term mission trip to spending your summer as a long-term volunteer, there are many opportunities to serve at the GSCH! To learn more about service opportunities, please email Contact the G.S.C.H. Teams Coordinator, Chad Douglas

All children at the GSCH are available for sponsorship!
Learn more here, or Contact the G.S.C.H. Sponsorship Coordinator, Sandra Little.

Ministry to Children

Emmanuel Home of Protection in Nicaragua

The Emmanuel Home of Protection is located in Diriamba, Nicaragua and provides care for young ladies who have been victims of abuse. The Emmanuel Home offers a safe environment where these young, vulnerable ladies receive spiritual, emotional, and psychological support, as well as education, pre-vocational training, food, clothing and shelter.

The Emmanuel Home operates under the supervision of the Ministry of Families, an entity of the Nicaraguan government, and is approved to care for girls ages 18 and younger who have been victims of abuse, including those with special needs.

Monthly sponsorships are needed for the Emmanuel Home of Protection.
To learn more Contact the E.H.O.P. Sponsorship Coordinator, Sandra Little.

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