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Published: 2012-02-22 11:18:12     Missionaries: Bruce & Laurie Johnson

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Bruce & Laurie

THE FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL (Feb 10, 2012) - The Good Shepherd Christian Academy
photo one

Laurie (left) is teaching the first graders in an all English Class this year. We are grateful for this... I think?

No really, the GSCA is starting the process of changing over from a Spanish School with an English elective to an all English School with only the required hours of Spanish for the students to learn grammar, etc. This means that eventually the entire school will be in English. With each new year the school will add another grade level in all English until the entire school is in English. Next year, 1st and 2nd in English; the year after that 1st, 2nd, and 3rd in English; until all the grade levels change over. This year's students will graduate from an English Bilingual school.

First Graders (below)
first graders
You can view all the Opening Day photos at


Suyatales church building -

construction team

The Rose/Woods team from Indianola, MS came to Honduras the second week in February and put the roof on the church. They did a great job! The Church Body is so very grateful.

work one work 2
Many of the church members we able to come for the mid-morning dedication service.
Church Body

You can view all the Suyatales photos that have been posted thus far at


GSCH dining hall -

We put in the building pad for the future dining hall at The Good Shepherd Children's Home

dining hall site

You can see all the photos for the dining hall at


THBI storage building -

We are underway on the Stan Gray Team project; storage building at The Thomas Herrington Bible Institute

You can see all the photos for the storage building project at

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