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Published: 2011-12-04 14:53:17     Missionaries: Jimmy & Bonny Abbott

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commission servicePhoto from our commission service (left)

This morning we read Philippians 1 and since it was a prayer of thanksgiving it reminded us of the love of Christ and then of you our dear friends and family.   October ended our time in Honduras for this year.  As we flew home there was anticipation of 2012 along with thankfulness for 2011.  We were commissioned at the National Conference in November.

    Trinity Baptist Church from Thomaston, Georgia sent down a team of 15 in October.  It was a week of sharing and watching God work.   One of their team members, John, was a black belt in karate.  John demonstrated his skill of breaking boards 8 times at schools and lastly at The Living Water Baptist Church in Guaimaca.  He was able to relate the discipline needed to become a black belt with the discipline needed in our lives following Christ. 

It was great to see how this team laughed and enjoyed the company of each other.  One team member meant to greet someone with "hola" and instead gave a hearty "aloha."  The team laughed and continued with this greeting to one another all week.  I believe one of the ways God loves us is by allowing us to enjoy and laugh with one another. 

One morning we were all waiting on breakfast and a bus filled to the brim with passengers came to the hospital emergency room.  It was obvious someone on the bus needed assistance.  Two people emerged from the bus, a man and a very pregnant woman.  Within a few minutes we heard a baby crying.  You've heard of making it just in time, this was indeed one of those times. We discovered this couple had traveled 7 hours, first by horse crossing a river which was swollen from the rain and then catching the bus to the hospital.  The Trinity team blessed this sweet couple with love and gifts.  What an opportunity to be the hands and feet of Christ. 

We are still in awe of the idea that God has chosen to give us the privilege to watch teams follow God's call at Hospital Bautista and to assist them in small ways.  Please pray for us as we decide how much time and when we will be in Honduras next year.  Currently we are only able to ship a container to Honduras once a year. We collect medical and other supplies to be used at the hospital.  Pray that we will be able to secure enough funds to cover the shipment of a container to Honduras. Pray that God will expand this ministry if He so desires.  We would like to be able to ship containers more than once each year.

Merry Christmas and God bless,

Jimmy and Bonny Abbott

Photos below from the Trinty Baptist Team.
Mother and Child

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