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Published: 2012-01-04 11:04:04     Missionaries: Bruce & Laurie Johnson

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Bruce & Laurie

GSCA School Shoes... photo 1
What do you think about buying shoes for 93 children?
Should be pretty easy right?
Not in Honduras... nothing is easy.

It seems you cannot just go to the store and buy 93 pairs of shoes; no one store has that many pairs in stock.
The Honduran solution is to have a shoe maker (cobbler) come out to the school/home and measure each child's feet so he can make a pair of shoes for the children attending school this year.

trace photoAnd the Cobbler did not just measure their feet like we might in the states, oh no! He had us trace around the foot of each child so he could be sure he had the correct measurement for each one. He also had a few pairs on hand to try on some of the children.

The Cobbler is going to have all 93 pairs made by the start of school; the second week of February... cost, about $1000. Not bad really. I have included a few more photos (see below). Special thanks to the donor of the money and the NGU team for helping trace the feet and speed the process 2
photo 3
photo 4


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