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Published: 2012-01-09 04:36:44     Missionaries: Jimmy & Bonny Abbott

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     Happy New Year! Looking forward to a new year is indeed exciting but lest we forget that each day can begin anew.  So many days we fail to serve Christ as we know he has called us.  However, each day we can seek his face and start all over.  He never tires or fails to love and forgive us if we seek his forgiveness.  

     We are hoping to ship a container to Honduras in the near future. Several folks have asked us lately how this works.  We have collected many items from hospital beds to baby blankets. God is always faithful to include items to be used at Hospital Baustista and the surrounding area. 

     First, a seaworthy container must be purchased and certified.  Every donated item must be included on the manifest.  Each and every comb and bar of soap must be noted. Many times we counting donated medical supplies and asking one other, "wonder what this is used for?"   Jimmy is like Santa, "making a list and checking it twice" but all of our donors are deemed "nice."  Many of you reading this newsletter have donated items to be included in our container.  One lady here in Barnesville calls us to stop by and collect shampoo, soap and lotion brought home by her husband whose job requires him to travel each week.  It is exciting to watch the contents come together and to make sure each and every inch of the container is utilized.

     A dear brother in Christ has been helping us for several years delivering the container to Gulf Port, Mississippi.  The container will arrive at Puerto Cortes, Honduras after several days at sea. A driver will pick up the container and it must then clear customs, this is why the manifest is so important.  Jimmy takes great pride in watching the items unloaded at their final destination.  The Container Ministry is a year round job and the cost can be expensive.  If you have items to donate contact us directly.  Please consider donating monetarily to the Container Ministry through the BMDMI office in Hattiesburg.

Thank you to our supporters,

Jimmy and Bonny Abbott

Be obedient... doing the will of God from the heart... doing service, as to the Lord.

Ephesians 6:5-7


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