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Baptist Medical and Dental Mission International (BMDMI) exists under the Lordship of Jesus Christ to evangelize the lost, disciple the saved, and minister to the needs of the poor.
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Abbott Emails

July 31, 2016
Jimmy & Bonny Abbott


Opening Eyes

I looked at the Eye Clinic card and almost giggled.  This man was named Precious. But then I thought of his mother holding him as a baby, looking at him and giving him the name Precious. It was surely because he was her precious baby boy. When I checked his eyes they were negative 8 and 7.  "Lord", I prayed, "please let us have some glasses to help this man." One pair popped up and the prescription was almost perfect.  However, when they were pulled it was obvious they were for a female and they were red, very red. I put them on his face and he began to smile and praise God. I tried saying I was sorry for the color and kind of glasses but he replied, "I see clearly, I love them, I don't care what anyone thinks, I love the color red."

My mind went to Psalm 119:18 Open my eyes that I may see wonderful things in your law. When we study God's word, we can begin to see clearly God's  law, God's character, God's plan, God's love for us and God's will for our lives. My prayer is that we will be as Precious. My prayer is that I will say, "I see clearly, I love them, I don't care what anyone thinks, I love the color red" (for after all it was his own red blood that Jesus was willing to shed for me). 

Praise God for Eyes That Can See




Rejoice With Those Who Rejoice

Can I Get a Blessing?

I dear friend sent backpacks to some of the students at Hands for Jesus. I walked around looking to see which students did not have a backpack or ones that were torn and worn out.  As I called students to the office to receive a new backpack many students began to try and get my attention. They called, "I need a new backpack Mrs. Bonny, please I need a gift." I began to encourage the children to rejoice when someone else receives a blessing. I took my Bible and read Romans 12 which says, "Rejoice with those who rejoice; mourn with those who mourn. Live in harmony with one another." Slowly the boys and girls began to look at the backpacks received by another and rejoice with them that they had been blessed. I heard one child say, "you really needed a backpack--now let's go play."  I want to be as these children. Yes, I want the blessings of God to be bestowed on my life and my family. But even more, I want to learn to rejoice, really rejoice when others are blessed. I am thankful for the opportunities placed before me to teach and learn lessons.

Thank You for Backpacks and Lessons--REJOICE!




Prayer Requests

Jimmy is currently in the states helping care for his brother who is very ill. Pray for Jimmy, his brother, Danny, and for Bonny as she continues our work in Honduras.

Pray that we will clearly see God's Word and His Law and apply to our lives. 

Thank you for your love and support.

Jimmy and Bonny Abbott