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Williams Ministry News

September 12, 2016
Chris & Denyse Williams
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God gives the Increase!

A few weeks ago, the Yan Sim team was here.  They are a group from Canada and California made up of members that are of Asian descent. Some of the team members, the Drs Tan, have been coming to Guaimaca for years.  They became friends with a Chinese couple that lives in Guaimaca and for years they have been encouraging this couple to seek Jesus in their lives.  Last year while they were visiting with the couple, the wife said that she did not understand Spanish very good and so going to church was hard for her.  Chris was with the Tans and he told the wife to come to church with us because he didn't understand much Spanish either.  The wife started coming to church almost every Sunday. When the Tans arrived this year, we told them that she had been coming to church regularly and her son had been going to Sunday School, the Tans were so excited for her.  When they had the opportunity to visit with the couple again this year, the wife told them that she had accepted Jesus as her savior!  She told them that every Sunday in church she would enjoy the singing and when the pastor would preach, she would just pray because she did not understand him.  She then told the Tans that she and her son went to the US Embassy to try and get a visa to go to the states, she had been to the Embassy many times before and had always been told no, but this time they did not ask very many questions and then they granted her and her son a visa!  She was overwhelmed with joy and went straight home and told her husband that he had to start going to church and praying because God had heard their prayers!  The Tans were so happy for them but they realized that all these years of coming to Honduras and visiting with this couple, encouraging them, had all paid off!  They truly knew Jesus in their lives.  As 1 Corinthians 3:6 says: "I planted, Apollos watered, but God gave the increase.", the Tans planted, they watered and God gave the increase.  You never know what seeds you are planting or when you are giving the water but when God gives the increase, it is very obvious!  Lives are changed and souls are saved!  

Fishers of Men

Then He said to them, "Follow Me, and I will make you fishers of men." Matthew 4:19.  You all know how much Chris loves to fish and there is a little pond near our home that he goes to as often as he can.  A few weeks ago, we had a couple of days in between teams and so Chris took the time to go fishing.  He was worn out from working with team after team and he thought fishing would help him rest a little.  As he was fishing a group of people showed up and as he was watching them, they began to have a baptism service.  It was truly a message from God...Chris felt that God was telling him that he could rest later but for now there was work to be done for the Kingdom!  We thank God for those messages and for the Love he continues to show us each and every day!

Truck versus Horse

A couple of weeks ago Chris' truck was involved in an accident.  A horse jumped into the road causing major damage to the truck thankfully no humans were injured.  We are still waiting to find out what the cost will be to repair or replace the truck.  Donations toward this cause would be greatly appreciated.

The Day of the Children

Today Rylea and Olivia helped me prepare pinatas for "The Day of the Children" celebration at local schools.  What a pleasure it is to be able to help out in what we consider a small way but to them is a huge blessing.  

Fall is around the corner!

Fall is around the corner and that means we will be headed to the states soon.  We are excited to be there, see our grandbabies, and spend some time sharing about what God has done in our lives in Honduras this year.  We will be arriving the middle of October and we will be there for about 8 weeks, so our time is limited.  If you would like for us to share with your church, youth group, civic group, etc please email us at denysewilliams@bmdmi.org and we will try to get you on the schedule.  Thank you to everyone that supports us financially and prayerfully!  We would love to see as many of you as we can!  May God bless each and every one of you! 

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