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Baptist Medical and Dental Mission International (BMDMI) exists under the Lordship of Jesus Christ to evangelize the lost, disciple the saved, and minister to the needs of the poor.
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The Johnson Journal

July 27, 2017
Bruce & Laurie Johnson
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Update Time

Dear Friends & Family,
It's time for us to send an update; so much has happened in the last 60 days.

Let me start off by stating that before 2016 Laurie, and I thought we would probably live out our lives on the mission field in Honduras. Well God began changing our thoughts on that late in 2016. He was giving us Peace about needing to depart Honduras and move back to the states. A disciple of Christ is characterized by his or her ability to follow HIS lead even when you don’t fully understand.

On May 13th we sent out a newsletter sharing that we would be leaving Honduras following Christ back to the United States ( May 30th we departed Honduras.

A lot has happened since our move back to the states. We thought we had our "ducks all in a row," but God had intended something else all along. We had planned on living in Kentwood Louisiana on our Son's property. But just as we were about to finalize the deal on an RV to be our new home, God’s plan for us became more clear.

A Johnson Family meeting was called, and due to circumstances at my brother's home in Texas, we were informed that my 89-year-old mother, who had been living there, was being asked to live somewhere else. God had us in the right place at the right time to have her come live with us

There isn't any way for us to make living in Kentwood work with my Mom (Betty Johnson) coming to stay with us indefinitely, so we secured a rental condo in Baton Rouge Louisiana, near to where God provided a teaching position for Laurie. Laurie and I moved in there on the 7th of July with Mom scheduled to follow on the 5th of August.

God's plan is unfolding. We left Honduras with only the Peace of Christ guiding us. Now we are beginning to see why.

Our current status is this:
- We are residing in Baton Rouge Louisiana.
- Laurie will be working at a private school in B.R. teaching Spanish and Computers for the 2017-2018 school year.
- Bruce is still doing I.T. and Programming Work for BMDMI. He is also looking for I.T. work that can be done remotely from B.R. (Build or Maintain web sites, Do PHP, MySQL, CSS, HTML5 programming work, etc.)
- Mom (Betty Johnson) is moving in with us on the 5th of August.

We continue to stand in need of your prayer and financial support. We are praying for God to continue to supply all our needs as we continue to seek Him first. May God continue to bless you for the years of support you have invested in the Kingdom through us. We thank you and pray for your continued partnership with us.

To God be the Glory, AMEN.