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Baptist Medical and Dental Mission International (BMDMI) exists under the Lordship of Jesus Christ to evangelize the lost, disciple the saved, and minister to the needs of the poor.
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Moore Moments

February 08, 2017
Dennis & Ann Moore


 Dennis and Ann Moore                 

Back in the Field

We returned to Honduras on January 4 after a very trying furlough.  Although it was not the kind of furlough most people expect, God was faithful and provided for our needs.  God guided us and provided for us through it all.  We also want to thank each of you for giving us the love, encouragement and support through it all.  We are back at work and anxious for the new year of ministry.

BMDI Graduation



The first order of business upon our arrival was to attend the Thomas Herrington Bible Institute graduation.  There were seven young men graduating as new pastors.  This class is also the first graduating class from the welding program.  Keep them in prayer as they begin a new and difficult career.  They have a hard road ahead.  There were several others receiving certificates of completion from the module programs.  This program offers training in church leadership for pastors and lay people. 


It's almost ready!  This project began last year.  My desire was to move the sewing center closer to the school.  For the past three years, students walked around a field to get to the sewing center.  This took about twenty minutes away from class time.  A building behind the school was being used for storage. Permission was given to upgrade and improve the building to be used for sewing, cooking, health and first aide, basic finance, etc.  We have been getting the area cleaned and organized for the first class.

The GSCA was granted permission from the Honduran government to change the school year.  The official school year will be August to May, 2017 - 2018.  During these few months from February to May, 2017 will be similar to "Summer School" in the States.  Classes will be offered for those students who need extra help.  Also during this time, music, art, sewing and cooking will be offered on a much smaller scale.  Pray for the students and teachers for a smooth transition.  

ETC Building with main room and kitchen


God Provides for Our Needs

God has again provided for our needs as we begin the new year at the Bible Institute with the continuance of our Welding Program.  The new classes are just beginning and I presently don't have a lot to say about new projects etc.  We are presently resupplying our materials and equipment needed for this new year. However, I wanted to tell you of one of the many ways God provided for specific needs through our ministry this year. Some of you that we had the privilege of speaking to at your church while we were on furlough have already heard me tell this story but I felt that it was worth telling again.  

The pastor that teaches welding for me at the Bible Institute, Pastor Nahum, contacted me with a request.  Over the last year Nahum had been led by God to start a new church in the village of Cuyali in El Paraiso.  Nahum already pastors a well-established church in Rodeo.  This new church, along with help from the church in Rodeo, has been working hard over the past year to raise the funds to build a church building.  Prior to this time they have been meeting in the front yard of one of the member's home.  Nahum's request was for me to ask our Mission if they possibly had funds to help pay for the roofing material for their new building. Someone had already committed to pay for the concrete for the floor but the building needed the roof before the floor could be poured.  This is the common method used in building construction in Honduras. I contacted our Mission, even though I knew that our Mission was low on funds, because I told Nahum I would. Of course I was told funds were not available. I passed the information on too Nahum. Nahum said that he understood and the church was praying for a roof. The next night Ann and I were setting in our living room and I get a text. A close friend, who had been on one of the teams with us, said that he was unable to come to Honduras this year. However, he and his wife wanted to help with a project in Honduras and wanted to know if we knew of one. The Lord laid it on our hearts to mention the need for the roof in Cuyali. He and his wife prayed about it and decided this was where God wanted them to help. They wanted to donate $1000 for this need.  Would you like to guess the amount of money Nahum expressed to me that they needed for the roof just the day before.  You guessed it $1000. Some may say it was a "coincidence" but we know better.  It's amazing watching God work.  Below are some photos of the new church being constructed in Cuyali. Also, how great it is to see these two churches working together for the spreading of God's wonderful Grace.

New Church Building in Cuyali



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