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Baptist Medical and Dental Mission International (BMDMI) exists under the Lordship of Jesus Christ to evangelize the lost, disciple the saved, and minister to the needs of the poor.
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Moore Moments

April 03, 2017
Dennis & Ann Moore


 Dennis and Ann Moore                 

Welding Classes at the Bible Institute and GSCA

The photos show the welding class being conducted at the Bible Institute.  This year has really started off with a bang at the BMDMI Bible Institute.  Through the hard work of the Missionary Administrators, Rene Pizzati and Kenneth Nelson, the Instructors and students, the facilities are going through a much needed upgrade.  The welding program has been a vital part of this work.  It has been a great year so far and God continues to show up and show out.  The upgrade of the student dormitory is nearing completion.  The upgrades are being accomplished through several mission teams from the states, the lead teachers from the Good Shepherd Christian Academy (GSCA), other missionaries, as well as the students and staff of the institute. 

I have some exciting news to tell you, at least exciting to me!  Beginning the week after Easter, we will begin having welding classes taught at the Good Shepherd Christian Academy (GSCA).  It will be taught to the older boys of the Good Shepherd Children's Home.  The classes will be taught two days a week on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Pastor Nahum, who teaches for me at the Bible Institute, will also be conducting these classes.  Pastor Nahum is one of the most dedicated individuals that I know. Not only does he pastor two churches, but he takes the time to do these classes as well.  He tells me all the time that he considers this his ministry, given to him by God. I wish all of you could hear the devotions he gives prior to starting each class he teaches.  Please keep Pastor Nahum in your prayers as he starts these classes at the GSCA.  He will be traveling about two hours each way.  Also, please pray that the students will see the great need for them to learn a trade to be able to possibly use when they leave the home.  This class is especially important for the ones that are not as academically gifted but show an inclination toward more technical types of work. The boys will range in age from 15 up.  At 18 years of age all of the residents of the home must leave by government rule.  Also please pray for God to provide the finances for these new classes and pray that He may use some of you to help in this ministry.

Welding Class at Bible Institute


Movie Ministry

We have had the opportunity to show the movie "Courageous" in three villages so far this year with more pastors asking for us to come to their church. This is a unique way to invite people in and encourage the communities with Christian family values.

The first two showings were in communities near Guaimaca, where the BMDMI hospital is located.  We planned to go to Primera Inglesa Bautista de Guaslaca on a Friday night.  When we arrived, no one was there - not even the pastor.  A local boy came up to us and said he knew where he was. We asked him to find him.  He returned saying the pastor thought we were to be there on Saturday night.  We explained that we already had another church for Saturday night and would have to come back on Sunday night.  God must have something better on Sunday night, we thought.  

Saturday night, we went to Inglesia Bautista Gracia y Paz in Rancho Quemada.  Pastor Felix was very excited to host the movie.  The membership is about 27 and made up of mainly children and young people.  The membership has dropped due to people finding jobs and moving from the community. The church is in a new building that was dedicated last July and they are very proud of the new facility.  About 30 people showed up for the movie.  We came back to this church Sunday morning for services and the pastor was talking about the movie.

Sunday night we made our way back to Guaslaca.  Pastor Manuel greeted us and a church full of people. His membership is about 30 and there were over 80 who attended the showing.  The pastor gave a devotion after the movie.  This church has no electricity and a few of us had our flashlights and we used them so the pastor could be seen.  He also commented when we were loading up to leave that he had a lot of visiting to do!  God DID have a better plan!

The third movie was at The Body of Christ Baptist Church in Mandasta.  The Vicksburg team worked this village in 2007.  This is the first time that Dennis and I have been back to this village since 2007.  The young pastor, Rodilber, is a recent graduate of the Bible Institute.  When he came, there were only 5 church members.  He now has about sixty regular attendees and has plans to start another church in a nearby village.  There were over 100 who came to see the movie with people standing outside looking in the doors and windows!

Keep these pastors and churches in your prayers that they will continue to grow.  Keep us in prayer for safety as we travel since most of the time we return home from these mountain villages at night.

Movie Ministry

Church in Mandasta
             Church in Guaslaca          

Movie Ministry

Church in Rancho Quemada

Sewing Seeds

The sewing class in Guaimaca is almost over.  Eight weeks have flown by!  

The class this year has consisted of four students from the Hands for Jesus Christian School and four MK's.  We have had a great time!  The four students from the Hands for Jesus School are eighth grade students.  I had them last year in the seventh grade, so they were working on more advanced projects. The picture on the right shows the school students with the reversible table runners they made. The MK's are first time sewers!  Basic knowledge and skills are being taught with simple projects.  The MK girls, photo on the left, completed hot pot place mats.  All the students are making great progress!

I am happy to announce that the new ETC building at GSCA is ready for class!  A storage area added, shelves have been built, fresh paint, fabric sorted, labeled, and stored in plastic bins, and everything organized!  This room is the "Extra Training Center" for cooking, sewing, health and first aid, finance, etc.  Many thanks to supporters for helping fund the sewing ministry!  God has provided and this building will be used beyond the sewing ministry!

There will be new sewing classes beginning after Easter on Tuesday and Thursday.  The first class will be girls from the GSCH.  I have had these girls in the past, and they already know how to sew.  We will be making advanced projects for girls: skirts, scarves, bags, aprons, etc.  The second class will be the 5th and 6th grade from the GSCA.  They will be learning the basics. The third class will be a small mixture of students from the Educatados class. This is a class for students who are behind in their grade level and need extra help to get them to the grade they should be in.

Many of you already know that the GSCA has been approved by the Honduran government to change the school schedule.  The official start for the GSCA will be in August and will coincide with the school schedule in the States.  During this time from February to May, is a transition time.  School is in progress but on a much smaller scale; much like summer school.  We covet your prayer for a smooth transition.


Please Pray For Us

  1.  Safety as we travel 
  2.  The start of the new sewing classes at the GSCA
  3.  The start of the new welding classes at the GSCA
  4.  God to provide for all the financial needs for these ministrys
  5.  For all of our family members back in the states

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