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16 Mission Team(s)
will travel in 2016
** Teams scheduled for
Honduras in 2017 = 1

Baptist Hospital
8 Honduras Hospital
Team(s) will travel in 2016
**Teams scheduled for
the hospital in 2017 = 0

8 Mission Team(s)
will travel in 2016
**Teams scheduled for
Nicaragua in 2017 = 0

Our Ministry

At BMDMI, we work to strengthen and expand our ministry of evangelism and Christian service in some of the poorest nations of the world – Honduras, Nicaragua, Guatemala and Nepal.

Our flagship ministry is Short-Term Mission Teams which sends more than 100 teams across the world each year to meet physical and spiritual needs. The services these teams provide are often the only medical and dental attention that some people receive; and we use all of these opportunities to share the message of love and hope that is found in Jesus Christ.

As you will find here, BMDMI has many other ministries in which we hope you may become involved. And, in addition to the ministries listed on our website, our Full-Time Missionaries lead personal ministry programs that meet the needs of the poor and hungry. We encourage you to explore these ministries, as well, by reading our Missionaries’ Newsletters!

Our Ministry

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