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Bible InstitutesAs thousands of Nicaraguans and Hondurans become Christians each year, the need for well-prepared pastors and church leaders grows.

In the mid-1970s, we established the Thomas Herrington Bible Institute in Honduras to prepare pastors for the growing number of churches being planted by our teams and pastors. In more recent years, we have seen the need to strengthen our other church leaders such as deacons and Sunday school teachers.

As the needs have grown and our ministries have expanded, we have responded by founding a Bible Institute in Nicaragua. Each Institute offers a variety of study programs to meet the students' needs.

In addition to evangelism, we believe discipleship is one of our important jobs. Effective discipleship can only be achieved when there are leaders to teach the believers and to stretch them to grow spiritually. And these leaders must have the knowledge and experience to do so!
Bible Institutes
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