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Trip Questions and Answers

How much does it cost for each team member?

In 2015, the cost per village team member is $775 plus airfare. If you are going to Honduras there is also a charge of about $38 for your airport exit taxes. And some teams have an additional fee that they charge to help cover other team costs. You will need to ask your team captain for the final cost per team member. This $775 base fee covers the cost of your meals at the Mission Home, lodging and transportation on the field, and accident insurance (including emergency medical evacuation insurance). It also helps to pay the setup, follow-up and administrative costs of your team. However, it does not provide for the purchase of your team's food, medicines, and other supplies that you will take to your assigned village. Talk with your team captain to see what the team is doing to raise funds for these additional costs.
Team members traveling to the Centro de Medico Clinic (former Hospital Bautista) are required to pay $825 per person plus airfare.

Do I have to be a medical or dental professional to go on a team?

By no means. In fact, all of our teams need support workers to help in evangelism, children's church, the pharmacy, the kitchen, and other general team support. There is a place for everyone regardless of his/her skills.

Do I have to be a Baptist to go on a team?

No. We ask that you be a professing Christian actively involved in a local, Christian church. We have many Methodists, Presbyterians, and other mainline denominations represented on our teams. (However, we do reserve the right to decline an application for team membership or deny participation of a team member on the mission field for any reason, including, but not limited to, theological differences or personal behavior deemed incompatible with our ministry and/or testimony.)

What documents will I need to travel on the team?

You will need a valid U.S. passport that will not expire within 6 months of your arrival date in Honduras or Nicaragua. Currently, U.S. citizens are not required to have a visa before traveling to these countries; a temporary visa will be granted to you as you enter. (People traveling with a non-U.S. passport should check the regulations for entry into Honduras or Nicaragua.)

Do I have to speak Spanish to go on a team?

By no means. The Mission will provide your team with the necessary translators.

Are there any clothing restrictions team members must abide by?

Yes. While in your assigned village ladies must wear dresses/skirts and men must wear long pants. These guidelines have been established to respect the wishes of many Christians living in the remote villages in which we work. The brochure One Week of Your Life will cover this in more detail.

Do medical and dental professionals have to provide additional documents in order to practice in Honduras or Nicaragua?

Yes. Each doctor, dentist, nurse, veterinarian, and pharmacist must provide the following documents to his/her team captain:
1) Copy of your diploma from med school (or dental, nursing or pharmacy school)
2) Copy of your annual license
3) Copy of passport photo page (photo must be clear)

Can a medical, dental, nursing, or pharmacy students see and/or treat patients?

No. Only those professionals with diplomas and current licensure are allowed to treat patients. However, in some cases, students may work side-by-side with a professional assisting as needed with basic health care.

Can a team member stay for an extended time in Honduras or Nicaragua?

A team member may elect to stay over an additional week to go out with the next team for the additional cost of $325. These stay-overs must be pre-approved by both team captains and by the Field Director in the country of service.

Is there a discount if I go with another team later that same year?

Yes. Any team member that travels with another team later in the year will only have to pay $525 plus airfare and any airport exit taxes when applicable. (Some exclusions apply to special teams.)

Do I need vaccinations to go on a team?

No vaccinations/inoculations are required at this time. However, we highly recommend that your tetanus vaccination be current. And if you are traveling between the months of November - April, a flu shot is recommend for the protection of the Central Americans you will be ministering to. Please check with your primary care physician about any additional vaccinations you may need before traveling.

Is it safe to travel to Honduras and Nicaragua?

Yes. BMDMI has been working in Honduras since 1974 and in Nicaragua since 1989. By the Lord's good grace, we have had no incidents of harm to any of our team members. As with any travel, though, there are certain risks for accident or illness. We work hard to make every team experience as safe and enjoyable as possible.

What airlines do BMDMI teams travel with?

Currently, our teams use Continental, Delta and American Airlines.

If I get sick on the field, are there medical facilities there to treat me?

If you get sick and your team physicians are not able to treat you adequately, there are hospitals in Honduras and Nicaragua that offer a limited level of medical care. Rarely has a team member ever had to go to one of these facilities. In extreme medical emergencies you may be evacuated by a private medical jet to the nearest care facility in the United States. The cost of this medical evacuation insurance is covered by your team fee. Anyone that has a delicate medical condition that requires special treatment and/or on-going care should not travel with a team. Pregnant women are discouraged from joining a team as well.

Should I bring extra money on the trip?

Bring only the money that you think you will need for souvenirs, snacks, church offerings, and other incidentals. It is best to bring smaller bills, e.g. 1s, 5s, and 10s. Many souvenir shops now take credit cards.

What kind of jewelry can I take on the trip?

A good rule of thumb: Don't take anything that you would hate to lose or that is flashy. At times things get lost in the shuffle on the field, and there have been some incidences of petty theft in the villages.

Will I be able to call home from the mission field?

At times, yes, depending upon the status of the phone line and the line of people in front of you. A good rule of thumb is to tell your family and friends that "No news is good news." If you do call, please have a credit card or calling card handy to pay for the call. Also, your team captain should give you the name of an emergency contact for you to leave with your family. If an emergency does arise, your family may call the emergency contact who will get in touch with the Mission staff.

What should I take with me on the trip?

In our brochure entitled One Week of Your Life you will find a list of suggested items to take with you. You may view this brochure in the Information & Resources section.

If you still have questions, contact your team captain or our Team Activities Department or by phone at 601-544-5007.

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