BMDMI | COVID-19 Update
Baptist Medical and Dental Mission International (BMDMI) exists under the Lordship of Jesus Christ to evangelize the lost, disciple the saved, and minister to the needs of the poor.
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COVID-19 Update

Currently, this is the status of country/government responses:

  • Honduras: Borders closed for seven (7) days. No assemblies exceeding 50 people. A complete ban on all travel within the major cities. No one is permitted to be out unless they are going to the pharmacy, hospital, or grocery store. Most non-essential businesses closed. Also, most grocery stores have now closed.
  • Guatemala: Borders closed
  • Nicaragua: No change. (This is concerning. The U.S. Embassy issued a statement encouraging all U.S. tourists to leave the country while flights are available and borders are open, due to concern about unreported cases overwhelming health care facilities. This alert was just issued, while I was writing this email, and delayed my writing to you as I stopped to address it and make appropriate decisions.
  • Nepal: Entrants asked to self-quarantine for 14 days. No large assemblies.

In 2018, BMDMI canceled all Nicaragua Teams due to political unrest/violence. We learned much during that crisis, and the knowledge gained by that experience is very helpful now. Here are some insights:

  • The people in the countries where we minister are humble, gracious, and strong. Our national staff and personnel respond with courage and stamina to minister to their neighbors and those in need, even when they themselves are in deep need. They are already demonstrating the same heart in the midst of this circumstance.
  • There will be shortages in basic needs such as groceries and medical care. If there is a concern about this here in the U.S., then you can multiply that reality exponentially in the countries we serve.
  • This situation will create Gospel opportunities like never before, both in the fields where we serve and at home. We are wise to seize those opportunities for the glory of Christ Jesus among the nations. When we do, God is glorified, people are blessed, and our ministry is confirmed in the eyes of those we are seeking to reach. They see that we are truly called of God and that we have a supernatural faith that is not of this world. This attracts them and opens their hearts to the Gospel. 

By God’s grace and provision, BMDMI has existed for almost 50 years under the Lordship of Jesus Christ, evangelizing the lost, discipling the saved, and ministering to the needs of the poor.  We have done this together with you as our ministry partner. God’s grace, manifested in and through you as you give and go, is what enables this ministry to exist for God’s glory among the nations. We are committed and steadfast. Our “hands are on the plow.” We are in the field, cultivating them for harvest. However, we cannot do it without you. If you would like to give today, click on this link to make an immediate gift: (If you have any trouble using the link, you can give through the website at or call our office at (601) 544-3586.

Richard Stillwell

President/Chief Executive Officer