Heysell Sandoval

Missionary Candidate


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Heysell has been connected with BMDMI for quite some time both as a recipient of BMDMI's ministry in Nicaragua and as one ministering to others through BMDMI. Heysell was first exposed to BMDMI when a team came to her village many years ago. Later she attended a BMDMI church and was also a resident of the Emmanuel Home of Protection and a student at the Mount of Olives Christian School. Heysell graduated from the university with a degree in nursing and had opportunities to serve with BMDMI teams. It was while serving with a team that she felt God's call on her life to become a full-time missionary to the people of her own country. Heysell has also worked with children and youth in BMDMI churches and has served on staff at the Emmanuel Home of Protection as a care-giver to the young ladies who reside there. She is also actively involved in discipling chilren and young women as they grow in their daily walk with Christ.
Heysell was approved by BMDMI's board of directors to be a missionary candidate in February of 2021. She is currently raising support and has plans to move to the northern autonomous region of Nicaragua where she plans to develop a ministry to women in need of help. She plans to use her skills and experiences as a way to open doors to sharing the Gospel and developing discipleship relationships.


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