Ben Frusher

Career Missionary


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Ben was approved to be a missionary with BMDMI on September 22, 2012. Ben is from Jetmore, Kansas where he worked on his family’s cattle ranch as a farmhand. He is a Career Missionary to Honduras, partnering with BMDMI and BE Ministries in the area of agriculture/gardening.
Ben works in El Tomate Honduras where he grows a garden and farm on the property of BE Ministries. He has started a garden that over time will expand and include more acres and crops. The idea is to gain knowledge and partner with Hondurans which will create opportunities for ministries. He is trying to grow many of the common staples of the area like yuca, beans, corn, bananas and beats. He is trying to grow some plants that are uncommon for his area like okra, squash, asperargus, blueberries and many more. He also serves and assists other missionaries as the opportunity arrises.


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