BMDMI Honduras


Population: 9,852,000
Primary Languages: Spanish
Primary Religion: Catholocism
Evangelicals: 27.5%


Charlie and Carolyn Herrington arrived in Honduras to being a church-planting ministry in 1968. After seeing the great health needs that existed they began inviting medical and dental teams to minister to the overwhelming needs. The ministry of these teams served as a platform for sharing the good news of the Gospel to the masses. As a result many were saved and churches were planted. Charley and Carolyn saw the need to open a non-profit and started BMDMI in 1974 to oversee the work in Honduras.
After many years, the work in Honduras continues and has grown. BMDMI has now planted more than 145 churches and has several ongoing church plants. The mission also operates the Thomas Herrington Bible Institute, the Good Shepherd Children's Home, the Good Shepherd Christian Academy and the Centro Medico de Especialidades hospital. We also have several missionaries who live and serve in Honduras
Please pray for our ministries and missionaries in Honduras and consider joining us as we serve.

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