BMDMI Medical Facilities

Medical Facilities

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Guaimaca Ministries

     The Centro Medico de Especialidades (formerly known as the Hospital Bautista) is located in Guaimaca, Honduras and offers year-round clinical care while providing a wide variety of life-giving surgical procedures. The Guaimaca compound provides a medical clinic, emergency center, X-ray services, fully stocked pharmacy, and a diagnostic laboratory. Working together, medical professionals from Honduras and North America provide excellent care and life-changing surgeries that help save lives or significantly improve the quality of life for many Hondurans.
     A newly constructed surgical wing allows for visiting North American medical professionals to perform a wide range of surgeries in a safe, state-of-the-art facility.
     The Centro Medico Clinic also serves as the center for BMDMI’s Guaimaca Ministries, which coordinates hundreds of volunteers to serve the surrounding communities through Gospel-centered programs and ministries – such as: water well ministries, evangelism ministry, and more!
     Are you a medical professional interested in lending your skills on the mission field? Are you interested in participating in one of Guaimaca Ministries Gospel-centered programs? Email us at to learn more about opportunities to serve at the Centro Medico Clinic with Guaimaca Ministries!