BMDMI News - Remote Assistance Team in Nicaragua

Remote Assistance Team in Nicaragua

by Omar Barquero

September 11, 2020

First Remote Assistance Team in Nicaragua

     Thanks to our Lord for allowing us to serve this week. Thanks to brother Weston Smith and team members who prayed, donated money and trusted that we were able to accomplish our mission this week. I also want to thank every BMDMI pastor, members and staff who participated this week to share the Gospel and serve the community in EL HULAR.
     Our team this week was able to visit more than 150 houses, more than 650 people were able to hear the Gospel, 20 people accepted Jesus as their Lord and Savior and 25 people recommitted their lives to the Lord.
     The work our pastors, church members and staff did this week was eye opening for most of them because we were in a community with 4 evangelical churches, but most of the people we talked to who claim to be Christians did not know anything about the Gospel and the Bible. Sharing the Gospel with them was more difficult, because most of them did not think they needed a relationship with Jesus just because they were part of a church. The other sad part was, the pastors from the 4 churches in the community were afraid when we got to the village and our team started serving the school and visiting homes sharing rice, beans and meds. They said to their members that we were the antichrist church just because they felt afraid their members would leave their churches after they saw our crew serving in the school and visiting homes in the name of Jesus.
     For many years these churches have been there and we do not know on why these churches do not serve the community. The people in the village literally were starving and they did nothing to provide, and it looks like there is a lack of biblical teaching. Our pastors and members were amazed and challenged to change this not only in El Hular, but in their villages too. Thanks to the Lord and the supporters we were able to show them the real Gospel.
     Our national team was able to repair the gates, barbed wire, latrines and put on new paint in the community building giving the kids better security, more privacy and a better-looking building where they have preschool and also community meetings.
     One of the great testimonies of sharing the Gospel in this place, is that before we came to this village, our Hular Bible study met in Fausto's home. They did not have a roof to cover them from the rain. They had a dirt floor that become muddy when it rained.
     When we served in el Hular, we told them that we were there on behalf of the new Bible class taught by pastor Jorge and hosted in Fausto's home. Inmediatly they related it with us and the church that feeds their kids. When we told them that we could paint their preeschool and community center, professor MARLON, who is the lead teacher, gave us the permission to use this facility as the new place for worship and the feeding program. Besides that, pastor Jorge can come anytime he wants and share with the students about Jesus and the Gospel.
     Our mission was stablished on three values -- Evangelize the Lost, Disciple the Saved, and minister to the needs of the poor. This kind of trip, helped us to go back to our values as an organization. We are a para-church ministry, and we need to come back to that first love of sharing the Gospel -- starting churches, helping churches with evangelism, discipleship and showing them how to serve their comunities in the name of our Lord.
     Thank to you brother Weston and every person in your team who supported us and prayed for us. There are no words to discribe the great impact this week had in everyone of our team members, and in our BMDMI ministry. Life won't be the same for many of our pastors and church members.
Omar Barquero
Team Staff
BMDMI Nicaragua