BMDMI News - Updates from Guatemala

Updates from Guatemala

by Mike and Sandra Little

October 30, 2020

Updates from Guatemala

     Recently we were invited to participate in a community outreach event for fifty elderly. Thirty were gathered in town at the school where they were offered free medical care and our relief/food bags. The other twenty were remotely located. We were working with one of our ministry partners/Pastor, a local Pastor, the Head Cocode for the department, and a couple of volunteers from the local church.
     After traveling about an hour we stopped at a school where ten of the remaining people were waiting. We circled around in the road and began sharing a gospel message. I was speaking English and Makko translated to Spanish. The Cocode volunteered to translate to Kaqchikel, the most common language in this remote area. Standing between the two translators I became anxious, we were sharing in three languages at one time and it was taking longer than normal. At one point we even had to move out of the road for a truck to pass. I prayed, "God you are going to have to intervene because this is a hot mess!" The gospel message was shared, the invitation was given and eight of the ten stepped up to receive Christ. As Makko and the Cocode lead them in the sinners prayer I stepped back telling Mike - "only God!"
     Later that day after we finished, some of the guys asked us, "Do you realize what just happend?" We said, "Yes, eight people accepted Christ. They said the Cocode was agnostic. God just used an agnostic man to lead eight people to him!! One of my favorite things is how God uses unlikely, imperfect people to spread His glory! Romans 3:23 says it best, "For all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God." If God can use an agnostic man to lead eight people to Him, imagine what He can do when we say, "Yes Lord, here I am. Send me."
Mike and Sandra Little
Field Directros
BMDMI Guatemala