BMDMI News - Effects of Hurricanes in Honduras

Effects of Hurricanes in Honduras

by Jonathan and Savannah McNair

December 3, 2020

Effects of Hurricanes in Honduras

     Two record-setting major hurricanes made landfall in Nicaragua in November before dumping devastating amounts of rain over much of Honduras. Much to our bewilderment and God's glory, our area specifically did not experience heavy rainfall. However, many areas did, which caused mudslides, collapsed bridges, power outages, and flooding throughout much of the country.
     We are working on coordinating some relief efforts for churches within our organization that were affected. By God's grace, most BMDMI churches/communities were spared heavy damages. One church building had two walls completely collapse. We are waiting on an estimate for repair costs. Another community has people who are still without homes.
     The community bridge to the Good Shepherd Children's Home area held, despite being completely submerged twice this month. There is some damage to the ramp on one side and tree limbs that will need to be removed again, but it is passable to vehicles with enough clearance.
Jonathan and Savannah McNair
Career Missionaries
BMDMI Honduras