BMDMI News - Nicaragua Hurricane Relief Team

Nicaragua Hurricane Relief Team

Omar Barquero

January 4, 2020

Nicaragua Hurricane Relief Team

Ministry following hurricane destruction

     The initial plan was to meet with Brother Ernesto Aguirre who works for a malaria program with a non-profit organization called Saint Luke Clinic.
     Friday morning, we went to Pravia Medina hospital in Rosario to deliver an antibiotic donation. We also had the opportunity to talk with the leadership of the health department in this area. They were very thankful for the donation because of the great need they have now and in the near future.

Water needs were very great

     Immediately we recognized the great need for the water filters right now because of all the flooded rivers, wells and springs mixing with the latrine water. Dead animals also contaminated the drinking water of these communities.
     Even with the help from the government, the medical needs remained great. We were invited by the health department, as a ministry, to help in this area. There appears to be a great opportunity for our ministry to not only bring medical help in this area, but spiritual support to churches in area also. Most of the churches here are Moravian, Pentecostal, and Charismatic movements. There are some ministries with sound doctrine that have tried to share Jesus Christ, but they lack support and human resources to accomplish this great commission.
     There are also other ministry opportunities among the different cultural groups in this area. Ministry won’t be easy, but thanks to the Lord, the road is improving and the doors are more open for Christian outreach like ours.

Arriving in Divagil & Fruta de Pan

     Ernesto and our team were finally able to travel to Divagil and Fruta de Pan. Upon hearing our trucks, people started calling all the neighbors from Divigal who were supposed to receive the gifts sent by supporters. Watching the people cross the bridge from Divigal to the trucks was a great delight. You could see such joy in their faces, and at the same time uncertainty if they would all receive a bag.
     As we talked to one of the leaders, they expressed to us that everyone who had crops planted lost everything. The forest they had on their properties was gone. Since they live day by day, they were unprepared for the effects of the two hurricanes. There were people in their community that did not have any food at all. Many expressed gratitude. Since I could not understand Miskito and Mayagna, the pastor from Divagil came to me and shared in Spanish that most of them were giving thanks to God for the provision.
     Fruta de pan was another community we helped on this trip. Thanks to our supporters we were able to help 200 families. It was a miracle that every single home received a bag. The Lord provided for each and every family in these 2 communities.

Thanks to God for the American Team

     This was such a great trip! Thanks to everyone who prayed and thanks also to everyone who felt the desire from the Lord to help economically with this effort. Everyone who traveled to this area was grateful and is praying for our leadership, pastors and congregations to consider helping in this area again, as the need for Jesus is great.
Omar Barquero
Teams Coordinator
BMDMI Nicaragua