BMDMI News - God's Faithfulness During the Pandemi

God's Faithfulness During the Pandemic

Jonathan McNair

January 4, 2020

God's Faithfullness During the Pandemic

     Throughout this pandemic, all of Central America has dealt with rising food insecurity. As an organization that strives to minister to the needs of the poor, we have spent the last several months working to distribute as much food as possible. Every bag means two weeks of food for a family and an opportunity to share the hope we have in Jesus. Though we can’t reach everyone, God continues to provide for his children.
     Here is just one story of God’s faithfulness from the wife of one of our pastors, Xiomara...
     Brother and sister, one day [after the lockdown began] the police came to our house to tell my husband [who is a dentist] to stop working. (Pastors here support their families financially with a "regular" job in addition to their pastoral roles.) He said, "But how will I feed my family? Will the government feed us? Who will bring food?" But they said that he must stop working because of the pandemic, or they would come to arrest him for breaking the law. So he did.
     One day, as I was sweeping the floors, I began to get very hungry. We didn't have much, but I thought to myself, "We have just enough to buy two eggs to split between the three of us, my husband, my son, and myself." After that, I said to Samuel, "I don't know what we will do." He said, "We will pray and God will provide." And so we prayed.
     I put on my shoes, and as I went out, a man was passing by with some meat [for sale] that looked very good. I said to him, "That looks very tasty." He agreed and asked if I was interested, but not having anything with which to pay him, I told him that's okay, and we parted ways.
     Later that afternoon, I heard a voice at the door, "Samuel... Samuel...." I said to my husband, "Samuel, there's someone at the door for you." When I went to see who was there, it was the same man, but this time carrying a large bucket on his shoulder. He said, "Pastor Samuel, this is for you, from a church member up the road." And what was in the bucket, but a whole leg of pork from a pig that she had slaughtered.
     The Lord provided, and I began to weep.
Jonathan and Savannah McNair
Career Missionaries
BMDMI Honduras