BMDMI Guatemala Team Preparation and Hurricane Rel

Guatemala Team Preparation and Hurricane Relief

Mike and Sandra Little

February 4, 2021

Guatemala Team Preparation and Hurricane Relief

     Our days have been filled with team prep. With that being said we are so excited to have our first group since the pandemic in mid February!
     The Howell-Waits-Runnels group have a lot of work planned. They will be building two houses, a community Pila, and most exciting a church. As if that were not enough, children’s ministry and the first veterinarian we have hosted. This community is growing rapidly as is the ministry.
     The drilling company is getting all of their approvals for the water well drilling this week. Hopefully the well will be up and running very soon. Join us in praying that all runs smoothly and we can provide clean water to the homes, pila, and Church.
     Join us in praying for God to raise up a leader to become the pastor of the church in Nueva Esperanza! It is our prayer that the church and the water well will be the heart of this community for years to come. A source of living water! One of our Pastors/Ministry Partners is bringing his leadership team to help continue the work developing this Church.
     Come, all who are thirsty, come to the water. Isaiah 55:1

Hurricane Recovery

     We made visits to two areas hit hard with flooding, up to 20+ feet of water. We delivered Ecofiltro water filters to very poverty stricken homes. Homes that were impoverished before the pandemic and two back to back historic floods. We heard multiple stories and saw evidence of the devastation from the floods all around.
     There are a lot of opportunities for ministry in the area of Gualan. We currently have a goal of $1500 to buy more water filters. Clean water is so important for good health. The water quality was not good before the floods and it's even worse now. Secondly there are a lot of home repairs and builds that need to be done. It is the dry season right now but in a few months the rainy season will be here and there are a lot of leaky roofs and inadequate housing.
     We are looking for people to come down and help. We have several open dates. This is a perfect opportunity for small groups, family group, men's group, ladies group, youth group, even college groups to help improve living conditions for so many. These people are so used to living with nothing they looked for washed up boards, lamina and even furniture to try and put their homes back together again. Can you imagine?
     There are a lot of children and adults in this area that need to hear that Jesus loves them. They need to see God can and will provide to meet their needs. One week of your life can change theirs and yours forever!
     The Lord is a stronghold for the oppressed, a stronghold in times of trouble. Psalm 9:9
Mike and Sandra Little
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