BMDMI Nepal Responds to Flood Victims

Kevin and Cynthia Weldon

Field Directors - Nepal
July 12, 2021

BMDMI Nepal responds to flood victims in Melamchi

     In late June of this year unusually heavy monsoon rains inundated several villages and churches in rural district of Melamchi, Nepal. Homes and crops were quickly covered by the flash floods that occurred as water levels reached 20-30 ft above flood stage levels in local rivers. Many homes, businesses, and farmland were swept away during the overnight flooding. Once the waters began to subside it was quickly apparent that things would not be returning to normal anytime soon as entire communities, homes, and farmland were left covered by over 6 feet of river sand and silt. In all more than 34 people lost their lives that night, another 21 are still listed as missing, and some 1,300 homes were either heavily damaged or completely swept away.
     BMDMI Nepal and our wonderful team of Nepali partners were able to quickly conduct a needs-assessment trip to the flood affected areas and formulate a plan on how best to respond to the crisis. In a rare instance here in Nepal, there happened to be two churches in the areas that were also slightly damaged by the flooding but were willing to serve as distribution partners for the relief efforts. Partnering with the local churches allowed everyone to be served in their time of need by the local church body and greatly helped the local churches outreach efforts.
     BMDMI Nepal was able to provide over 134 families with complete home kits that consisted of emergency food supplies, cooking utensils, bedding, mosquito nets, health and sanitary kits. A last minute VBS offering that was unexpected from a church in West Virginia allowed us to also buy a few toys, coloring books, and color pencils for the children of these flood victims as well. This especially made the children happy as they lost what few toys or possessions that they had in the flood as well. We are so thankful for God’s perfect timing and for opportunities to be His hands and feet when hurting people need it the most. Thank you again for making all of this possible.Kevin and Cynthia Weldon
Field Directors