September Update from Guatemala

Mike and Sandra Little

Field Directors - Guatemala
July 12, 2021

September Updates from Guatemala

     It has been a GREAT team season and we are anxiously awaiting our last two groups. In July we hosted Hattiesburg Community Church, the Tony Waits Team, and the Glenn Howell Team.
     HCC built a home in Chimaltenango for a family in need of a new start after enduring much tragedy over the past year and a half. They also offered children's, reading glasses and door to door ministry. Howell-Waits built four more houses and a community chicken pen. They ministered to women and children and finished a few projects in Nueva Esperanza. All three teams loved big and shared their faith resulting in 32 people professing their faith in Jesus Christ.
     In August we started working in a new community. The local church lost their pastor 4 months ago due to illness. His sister and other ladies in the community are trying to keep the church going. We hit the roads, knocked on 95 doors while delivering blessing bags and sharing the gospel. The field is ripe in this village! We had 28 salvations with 2 re-dedications. If that were not enough, praise be to GOD, we started a fourth feeding program. Please pray as we continue working in this new community. The village is extremely impoverished and the needs are so great.
     Feeling a call to International Missions? We would love to talk with you! We are looking for Missionaries to join us here in the work God is doing.
     When God says go...
     When God puts someone on your heart just go! Over the last two months I have seen several examples of His divine appointments. We had shared the Gospel with a young girl twice in a couple of months. Each time she said no. We passed by her home again and there she was standing in her door way. We decided to try one more time. Each time different people had shared the Gospel with her. This time most of us happened to be together. We shared the Gospel again explaining God's love for her and how much he desired a relationship with her. This time she said yes! As we gave her a Bible she said to us, "Thank you. Thank you for not giving up on me and coming back."
     God puts people on our hearts for a reason. Sometimes it so we can pray, give an encouraging word, and sometimes it's to share His love with them. Don't miss an opportunity to go when He calls!
Mike and Sandra Little
Field Directors
BMDMI Guatemala