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Roberto Sequeira and Aura Jimenez

Keren and Caleb

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We grew up in our home church, Hebron Baptist Church, serving God when we were young as Sunday school teachers. We married on December the 6th in 1997. We became parents the next year and God blessed us by giving two children, a girl named Keren and a boy named Caleb. We were invited to work with BMDMI in 1999 as an interpreter for the pastors' staff. Also, we led teams to the fields. We also worked as church planters and pastoral counselors. Right now we are training leaders of our churches. We have a program of Bible Study that last two years. We already had two graduation groups. Thrity students completed the program and now they are serving in their churches. Our future plans are to keep on training leaders by starting a new cycle of study this year 2021. We also plan to continue working with our program of training leaders in two different regions. We call them "Satellites." We plan to open a new satellite in Israel, Chinandega, to continue working with our pastors and churches in unity, and to lead and coordinate Evangelism and Medical Teams.


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